This is the choice we all have.  We can choose our ego or we can choose God.

The illusion is that we can have both.  We can sometimes choose God when it serves us and we can sometimes choose the ego, when it serves us.  But, this is an illusion, it is one or the other.  The ego is fear, God is love.

Those are your choices.  Your experience in life has everything to do with this choice.  If you have chosen your ego, then you will experience pleasure but not happiness.  You will experience fear, strife and conflict, not peace.  You will choose status over acceptance.  Everything you do stems from this choice.

Our world is as it is, because so many of us have chosen our ego to be our guide.  It helps us acquire riches, it offers immediate pleasure but it is also the source of all of our pain.  It is the source of our loneliness, our depression, our anxiety, our anger.  The ego must have an enemy to thrive.  It is always attacking, always wanting more.

You know what choice you have made because all you need to do is look at your life.  The ego creates the illusion of happiness through pleasure.  But pleasure is not happiness, it is a shallow substitute that is always fleeting and you must always get more to keep it going.

When you choose God, Love guides you in all things.  You don’t judge your brothers and sisters as different, you love them because you see them as their potential, not as the ego perceives them to be.

The ego creates the illusion of false love, where love exists when a person does what you want them to do.  Your child gets an A on a test, and the ego creates the illusion of love and you praise your child.  The ego’s love is conditional, it is based on the belief that as long as you do what I think you should do, then I will love you.  When you don’t, I will attack you.   If no enemy exists, the ego cannot survive, so it must always have an enemy.  Sometimes that enemy is out there.  It is a political belief or religious belief.   And sometimes the enemy is closer, it is a friend, a family member, a boss.  And sometimes it is us.

When you judge other people, you judge yourself.

When you accept other people, and choose to see their potential, you offer forgiveness instead of judgment.  And by doing so, you offer yourself forgiveness.  The battle is an illusion.  Choose your higher self, and your experience will reflect that.  Your perspective will change.  You will experience peace, joy and love with no conditions.  Each moment will be as God intended and by seeing yourself as a perfect child of god, you will see your brothers and sisters the same way.  You will have infinite patience and you will experience quiet peace in all situations.

The ego won’t allow this.  For if you truly embrace this part of yourself, then the ego cannot survive.  What was once a fragmented mind, filled with judgments, anger, greed, scarcity, will be replaced with the simple idea that you choose to love.  The ego will try to poison your brain with reasons and justifications, but you have already made your choice and simply reminding yourself of this choice will be all that is needed and eventually the ego will no longer be who you are.

Even now, your ego is lamenting this idea, it is giving you a torrent of reasons why this is ridiculous.

So let me provide you with a simple test that will eliminate all doubt as to who you should choose.

If you think the ego has any positive attributes, then do this and the choice will be clear.

Completely give in to the ego.  Do not limit its expression, allow all the judgment, anger to flow freely, do not hold back.  Allow the annoyance and frustration to come out immediately.  Allow your envy and jealousy to fully express itself.  See what life is like when you give everything over to the ego.

See if you can go more than a few hours living like this.  Give in to all pleasures and temptations, argue, attack, everything that the ego wants, allow it.

This experience will show you that you have been living your life between the two for as long as you can remember, sometimes you choose God but always go back to the ego for you believe it serves you well.  But it doesn’t, it never has and never will.

The world is in desperate need of love, not attack, not hate, but love.  Decide now who is going to guide you.  All that is needed is a little willingness to see the world as God sees it.

He will do the rest.

The thing that is holding you back


Validation.   We are constantly seeking validation of our worth.  This drive for approval prevents us from truly accepting ourselves and getting to a place of confidence and ultimate self-belief.

If you want to live a life of significance, you must be willing to forego your biological desire for validation and instead get to a place of acceptance of self and cultivate an unwavering belief that you are destined for greatness, regardless of your current circumstance.

How many dreams are crushed each year?  You start off on an endeavor filled with excitement, enthusiasm and hope.  Then, as you start the journey you receive negative feedback, which creates an internal dialogue of self criticism and eventually, that excitement disappears and you move on to something else. Instead of staying on the path of significance, you follow the less treacherous path and conform.  

In that moment, part of you becomes broken and if you don’t do anything about it, you may live your entire life like this — never knowing what could have been.  Never knowing what your potential could have unleashed.  

All because you allowed the opinion of others to shape your destiny.  

This is the path that most people take and it’s easy to see why.  I don’t care who you are, we are biologically wired to deeply care about what other people think.  Our ability to form groups played a huge part in our dominance on this planet.  We were weaker, slower and more fragile than other species yet we survived .  Why?  Because of our social/group systems.  

These same systems however, have a nasty side as well. Someones opinion can make or break you.

Just look at when you post something on facebook.  You likely refresh the page to see how many likes the picture received, or how many comments.  You are constantly validating yourself over and over based on what others think.

There is a place for getting feedback but it should only play a small part.  It should help you refine your tactics, it should motivate you to improve, it should not determine whether you GIVE UP.

One only has to look at history.  What if Albert Einstein decided to give up on physics?  He tried to find a job throughout Europe and sent out hundreds of applications and was rejected by everyone.  That is why he took a job as a patent clerk.  For years he would send letters to universities seeking a position and all he knew was rejection.  Most people would have given up but he didn’t because there was a belief inside of him that was much bigger than the opinions of others.  

What if Elon Musk gave up?  When he wanted to create an electric vehicle he was laughed at by the auto industry.  No one thought he could do it.  When he wanted to make space flight cheaper it was thought impossible.  Entire industries were against him, yet he prevailed.  His belief in self was greater than the belief of others, so he stayed the course.  That belief allowed him to overcome challenges and ultimately lead to his success.  

You must make a choice, you are either going to believe in yourself, regardless of what anyone else thinks, or you are going to allow the external world to decide what kind of life you live.

You are so much bigger than a feeling, a persons opinion, a problem… when you start to believe in yourself, you see how small those things are in comparison to who you are.  

But you have to start somewhere.  Your entire life you have used other peoples praise or reprimands as a compass.  You were told you were gifted and smart as a child because you received an A on a test.  You then get a B and start to believe you are not smart, not gifted.  

STOP allowing others to impact who you are and what you are capable of.  

The formula for creating a new belief is simple.  Give the new belief attention for a long enough period of time and it will become part of your hard-wiring.  

Exercise to Improve Your Confidence and Belief in Self.

  • Remind yourself of your inner potential every day.  

Make it a habit to remind yourself throughout the day what you are capable of.  An easy place to start is every time you get in your car, talk to yourself.  I am great, I am talented, I am destined for greatness, I can do anything I put my mind to.  You don’t have to say it aloud, just think it, the key is consistency.  Put a sticky note in your car that just says “Remember”.  If you do this for several weeks, I promise you, you will start to notice subtle differences about your attitude.  

  1.   Remember your past.  

We often forget all of the great things we have accomplished in the past.  Start to remember past events that were difficult that you overcame.  Maybe it was a work project or difficulty with a friend or a conversation you didn’t want to have, but you did it and became better for it.  Remembering your past victories can help elevate your confidence and belief in self.  Start journaling in the morning or at lunch or before bed and just use that space to remember some past accomplishments.  A simple way to start is by asking yourself the following question:  What are some challenges or difficulties I have overcome in the past 6 months?  

How to hold yourself accountable.


Why do we fail?

Sustained interest, that’s what always gets me. Too often we get fired up to do something, invest our time in research trying to figure out what fundamental tools we need, and then lose interest a few weeks later.

I have a folder full of unfinished writing projects. Why? I ask myself this often and the answer is always the same: Accountability. Continue reading “How to hold yourself accountable.”

A Shortcut to Forming New Habits

habits wordle

Did you know that 40% of what you do throughout the day is based on your habits.  This was found in a study published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.  

This confirms what Aristotle knew thousands of years ago.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Whether you are successful or not in establishing a new habit or getting rid of an old habit will depend on how important it is to you.  

If you find it important enough, you will find a way, if you don’t you will find an excuse.

This, in a nutshell, is the driver of most of our actions.  You want to workout but you have not made exercising important enough.  Instead you value free time, relaxing or being lazy more.  That is why you are never able to establish a consistent workout routine.  You want to quit smoking but you haven’t because it’s not important enough to you yet.  Instead you value the feeling of smoking that cigarette more than quitting.  You want to be wealthy but you are not, that is because being wealthy is not important enough to you.  Instead you likely value consumerism more, buying the newest clothes, cars, or technology or maybe you value your free time so you refuse to commit and work long hours to help you earn more income. Continue reading “A Shortcut to Forming New Habits”

What is on the other side of Fear?


Your relationship to fear is the single greatest factor that will determine the kind of life you live.

Fear is the driver of the vast majority of anxiety and stress that we experience in our lives.  Fear limits our thinking, puts us into a negative state, and prevents us from growing.  Worst of all, fear prevents us from taking action. It stops us from introducing ourselves at networking events or having that difficult conversation with a friend.  It stops us from taking that project on because it requires a public presentation or from starting that business or writing that book. Continue reading “What is on the other side of Fear?”

Collaborate Right By Knowing When

Sam Zemurray was a Russian immigrant that came to the U.S. in the early 1900s with nothing. From there he raised an empire, becoming one of the most successful, and powerful, men in America by peddling bananas.“From his first months in America, he was scheming, looking for a way to get ahead. You did not need to be Rockefeller to know the basics of the dream: Start at the bottom, fight your way to the top.” This is precisely what Sam the Banana Man did, he fought his way to the top. Overthrowing South American governments, avoiding the FBI and CIA, and even playing a hand in politics in Louisiana Sam Zemurray built his empire almost entirely on his own. When speaking of success many people in America refer to stories like Sam Zemurray’s. Continue reading “Collaborate Right By Knowing When”

A Simple Technique for Achieving your Goals

People who set goals in life are more likely to get what they want.  The reason is simple. When you set a goal, you are devoting your attention to some future state you want to create.  This focused attention is what allows you to navigate the bombardment of choices and information that come at you each and every day. Instead of getting caught up in the minutia of day to day living, goal oriented people are able to focus on the actions that are going to get them closer to getting what they want.

Continue reading “A Simple Technique for Achieving your Goals”

How a few past experiences could be ruling your life.

Taken by 2brains1mind.

Edwin Catmull has said, “Hindsight is not 20-20.” It’s a counterintuitive statement, but an accurate one as well. We tend to use our past experiences to guide our present decisions. It’s how the mind works. However, sometimes one experience, or a handful of them, can dictate the trajectory of our entire lives. When this happens hindsight becomes our enemy. Continue reading “How a few past experiences could be ruling your life.”

Strengthen Your Relationships By Seeking Solitude

We are social creatures. You’d be hard pressed to find someone to disagree with you on this point. However, for all our longing to be with others, or more specifically with that someone, solitude plays a pivotal role in our development and well-being. Without it we are likely to go mad, and yet today our culture fights for our attention on a moment to moment basis making it more difficult than ever to get some alone time. Continue reading “Strengthen Your Relationships By Seeking Solitude”

How to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet


The new year is upon us and this is, scientifically speaking, the best time to plan and prepare for what you want to achieve for 2016. The fresh start effect takes hold and allows you to more easily engage in high-level thinking about where you want to go in life, areas you want to improve, and goals you want to achieve. Continue reading “How to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet”